Welcome to AirThere.com your Independent Air Conditioning Contractor

I have lived and worked in Central Florida since 1981. I've seen many changes in the air conditioning business, some good and some not so good. It seems that the old adage "pride in workmanship" was being lost to the bottom line and marketing and sales were driving the business rather than customer service and quality. It is my belief that if you take care of the customer, the bottom line will take care of itself.  It is with this one simple idea that AirThere.com was founded. AirThere.com offers personal low cost service and installations, where everything from design and permits to sweeping up afterwards is done by the contractor. By working directly with the homeowner we are able to cut overhead and still provide high quality workmanship by a master technician.

Yep, contracting the way it used to be, where completion means it "looks good, works good, and lasts a long time" -- a job done right the first time.   

We service all makes and models, and offer emergency 24-hour service (overtime charges may apply) to the greater Orlando area.  We arrive at your home with a wide array of parts on the truck, so chances are your repair can be done quickly and efficiently. 

Fully licensed and insured -- we specialize in custom, high quality, change outs and duct work.  All work is custom tailored to, not just the home but the homeowner, and with an eye for detail in everything from design and efficiency to cost.